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Just wondering how to go aboout becoming an invigilator for final exams. I checked as well as OSCARPlus, but could not find anything. Does anybody know how to go about doing this?

I am talking about the invigilators you see in the gymnasium each year...

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^ lol @ Chad
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i see so many your kind working as invigilators
What do you mean by "your kind"?
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Spammer has been banned. Thanks for reporting him.
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Originally Posted by arjunbhaga
When abouts do they hire??
Idk, probably very early on in the year.
GreyRust Chater Steve Chater Steve Madden Dark Madden 7faPxnYa I doubt they hire current students, though.
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It seems that exam invigilators are hired out of the same pool every year. I have a friend who invigilates, who gave me an email to contact stating my interest. I've tried for 2 years with no response.
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Voljeti Step Spring Spring BeigeBlack Step While I was a TA, we had a link to a site with internal job hirings at McMaster. There were positions for invigilating during the semester in the DeGroote School of Business as well as during exam period for all faculties. They list specific dates/time periods that you must be available in order to invigilate. I'm guessing they internally hire some of these people (or they get people who know someone who works at Mac)?

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